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Synth Bass Effects Pedals


Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer Analog Bass Synth Pedal Red

The Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer is an analog synth pedal that is designed specifically for bass guitar. The Octavius Squeezer bass pedal offers true analog reconfigurable signal path technology, true bypass switching, and a comprehensive array of analog synth, octaver, fuzz, envelope filter, and other effects all driven by a convenient digital preset system. With all this plus tuner and metronome—in a size that fits in your gig bag—this is one bass pedal you can’t afford to be without.The Octavius Squeezer bass synth pedal includes a dedicated filter circuit and fuzz circuit first bred in its predecessors. A digital pitch tracking stage tracks the notes you play right down to the bottom of your bass guitar’s range. The tracking stage also drives an analog synthesizer, which can produce various waveforms at the same pitch as your input, 1 octave down, or 1 or even 2 octaves up. All of this output can be……..CLICK for more info $599.00

DigiTech XBW Bass Synth Wah Effects Pedal

For a Demo of this pedal see Video below

Choose from 7 different bass envelope filter effects types to create unique and engaging synth wah sounds to fit in any piece. You’ll be astounded at the range of smokin’ sounds you can get out of the Digitech XBW Bass Synth Wah Pedal. Includes 9-volt battery! $74.99
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Markbass SUPER SYNTH Bass Pedal

The Markbass Super Synth bass pedal offers seriously cool stereo sounds with no tracking delay. Set the sensitivity level to match how hard or soft you play, and the pedal tracks your playing perfectly. The smooth, deep sounds include a very wide variety of synth tones, all sensitive to the intensity of your attack. Octaver mode allows you to layer your sound with octave up, octave down and two octaves down. You can either use the synth output only, or mix in your dry bass sound. Preset parameters can be modified using the supplied software, and downloaded back to the pedal from your computer via the USB connection. $279.99

M-Audio ProSessions Producer: Synth Bass

Synth Bass by SONiVOX (formerly Sonic Implants) is the ultimate synth bass sample library. With 48 bass sounds recorded from a variety of analog and digital bass synthesizers, Synth Bass includes everything from clean square and saw sounds to a variety of hardcore and far-out bass sounds that are sure to shake your entire studio. Each sound comes preprogrammed with MIDI continuous controllers that are set to control envelope filters, filter frequency and resonance. Push the limits of synthesized bass with Synth Bass. $79.00

Synth Bass Effects Pedals

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Synth Bass - Bass Synth - Synth Bass Effects Pedals

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Synth Bass - Bass Synth - Synth Bass Effects Pedals

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