Bass Overdrive, Overdrive Bass, Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal

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Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal

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T-Rex Bass Juice Overdrive Bass Pedal

The T-REX Bass Juice pedal offers distortion specially designed for bass guitar. In normal mode (boost function off) it delivers awesome sustain with rich creamy overtones and big bottom. Engage the distortion pedal’s boost function and you are in fuzztone heaven! The mix knob let’s you blend just the right amount of distortion with your original clear tone. Remember that Jamiroquai sound, where it sounds like the bass kicks the paper of the speakers? The BassJuice pedal can do that—and many other things. $219.00

Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal Grey¹

The Bass-Drive MOSFET overdrive from Fulltone gives bassists that full, rich bottom end that they’re looking for—even guitarists like the natural, uncolored fatness it delivers. Volume, Tone, Overdrive, and Boost controls let you dial up just the right tone with ease.$199.00

DigiTech XBD Driver Overdrive Bass Pedal

When you need to get raunchy, when you need to step out front and be heard, when you need a total metal meltdown, you need the DigiTech XBD Bass Driver Overdrive Pedal. The Bass Driver has 3 overdrive pedal models that can be morphed for entirely new sonic combos. Includes 9 volt battery. $79.95

Ibanez PD7 Tone Lok Phat Hed Bass Overdrive Pedal

The Ibanez Tone-Lok Series PD7 guitar effects pedal puts the rock bassist right there with the rock guitarist when it comes to the distortion factor. It’s armed with 3 preamp style voicings and an attack control switch which accents the amount of harmonic content in your sound. With its drive, low, high, and level knobs, dialing in a thunderous bass sound has never been easier.On the outside, Tone-Lok effects are equipped with the Ibanez exclusive “set and forget” Push-Lok rotary pots. Push the knobs down and your tone settings lock securely inside the case—no more lost settings or broken knobs.On the inside, Tone-Lok pedals feature hi-fidelity components carefully tweaked with the constant input from a new generation of Ibanez players. And all this great stuff comes encased in cool looking, road-tough metal boxes at prices the working player can afford. $49.99

Hao Rust Ride Bass Overdrive Pedal

The Rust Ride Overdrive Pedal is HAO’s first and only bass driver unit. Rust Ride was born to give bass players a blistering overdrive without losing low-end and note clarity. With a preset 3-position EQ switch (Normal, Bright, Warm), the Rust Ride bass stompbox offers a lot of tonal options. Also, Passive and Active inputs allow you to operate the Rust Ride overdrive bass with any type of bass pickups while individual Direct and Effect outputs allow a routing of clean bass tone to a tuner P.A., or a second amplifier for blending dry and effect signals. Using Rust Ride with a guitar reveals the whole new dimension of the pedal with tight low-end and high-octane overdrive/distortion. $157.50
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MXR M-181 Bass Blowtorch Overdrive Distortion Pedal

The M-181 MXR Bass Blowtorch bass overdrive pedal is made to deliver the hottest sounds this side of Hades-from a tube-like growl to full-blown distorted madness. Because the Bass Blowtorch’s overdrive is focused in the midrange frequencies, you’ll retain your low-end thunder and high-end sizzle while the overdriven mids cut through any mix. An active 3-band EQ with a mid shift switch provides precise signal balancing, while the Blend knob lets you balance the distortion with the direct signal for the exact tone you’re after. 18-volt performance equals increased dynamic headroom, clarity, and low noise no matter the volume level, and true bypass circuitry means it’s really off when you want it off, leaving your signal completely unaffected.$139.99

Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive Pedal See Demo Video below

The Boss ODB-3 OverDrive Bass Pedal is tailored to meet the demands of today’s bassist with a wide variation of sharply contoured sounds. You can go from a mild overdrive to a hard distortion. The Boss ODB-3 covers the entire spectrum, including 5-string basses, so there’s no muddiness, even on the lowest notes. Boss provides a balance control so you can mix the effect with the bass signal to keep the power and presence of the original sound. The ODB-3 Bass OverDrive Pedal can also be used as a 2-band EQ. $99.00

Tech 21 XXL Bass Edition Overdrive Stomp Box with Warp

The Tech 21 XXL Bass Edition Overdrive Stompbox lets you achieve a variety of results within the same setting depending on the manner and force of your pick attack while tweaking the Warp control. The Warp control works by manipulating the structure and balance of odd and even harmonics influencing their relativity to the dynamics of your instrument and your playing style. The Overdrive Bass Edition features a level-compensated Tone control. At maximum it’s flat. As you go towards the midpoint, it boosts the low end, compensating for the dropout typically associated with effects not specifically voiced for bass. Decreasing from the midpoint cuts highs without changing the output level. The Bass Edition is an excellent companion to the SansAmp Bass Driver DI, especially for those times when considerably more distortion is desired. Optional DC2 power supply or 9V battery (not included) operation.$109.00

Aguilar AGRO Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal

The Aguilar AGRO overdrive bass pedal is based on the saturation channel of Aguilar’s celebrated AG 500 bass head. Capable of producing everything from warm, tube-like overdrive to full on distortion, the AGRO bass pedal gives you the grind you need without sucking out your bass guitar’s low end. The Aguilar AGRO offers a wealth of overdriven sounds within an easy-to-use, 4-knob layout. The Saturation control serves up a tremendous range of distortion while the Contour control dials in a scooped or a more aggressive boosted midrange sound. The AGRO pedal’s Presence knob adds the right amount of attack ensuring that your bass remains defined even with the most saturated settings. The Output level control guarantees that the Aguilar AGRO bass overdrive pedal delivers the distortion you want at any volume level.$179.00


Overdrive Bass Effects Pedals

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Bass Overdrive, Overdrive Bass, Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal

Overdrive Bass Effects PedalMany huge savings on the Recommended Prices. Click any Pedal to see the latest online deals.Lowest online prices Guaranteed





Bass Overdrive, Overdrive Bass, Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal

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