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Multi Effects Bass Pedals


Boss ME-20B Multi Effects Bass Pedal

Check out the great Phil Gates demo video of this pedal below.

With the same performance-based design as its guitar-focused ME-20 counterpart, the Boss ME-20B effect pedal is aimed at the performing bassist who wants stage-friendly effects and solid construction at an affordable price. Mix, match, and customize a wide variety of effects, including compressor, overdrive, distortion, T-Wah, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, reverb, defretter, synth, and more. $199.00

Boss Boss GT-10B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

Bass players can enjoy the same core processing muscle and flexibility of the GT-10 in a specially made sibling: the GT-10B multi-effects pedal. Massive power of BOSS’ latest DSP and know-how of sound modeling based on COSM provide ultimate effects capability and essential features for bass. With a Parallel Effects Chain, Phrase Looper, and EZ Tone features, the GT-10B pedal is clearly the most advanced-yet-friendly bass station on the market.Bass Tone Factory Powered by BOSS’ latest custom-made sound processor, the GT-10B provides dozens of stunning effects and COSM amp models to explore, combine, and customize, but with careful attention given to the needs of bass players. Indispensable effects for bass, including pro-quality Comp/Limiter and EQ, OD/DS, synth basses, high-band modulation effects that retain the integrity of the tone, and tons of effects from essential to esoteric.Advanced sound Powered by the custom-made new-generation processor and BOSS proprietary sound modeling method COSM, the GT-10B multi effects bass pedal ushers in a new era of audio quality for guitarists. BOSS’ huge accumulated know-how of effects and sound modeling are fully integrated into this new flagship multi-effects floorboard. As a result, tone quality is supreme, and response to playing dynamics is much more natural and musical. And not just for the stage – the Boss GT-10B is also great in ………..Click for more info. $499.00

Rocktron Utopia B-200 Bass Floor Multi Effects Bass Pedal Black

Rocktron’s Utopia B200 Professional Bass System provides an arsenal of tone and effects processing. It is packed with plenty of great sounds ready to transform any Bass amplifier into a powerhouse of rock. Simply put the pedal between you and your amp, and let your inspiration flow. Mixing the 128 tone generation and effects in the B200, from popular effects like Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Pitch Shift, Flanger, Phaser, Wah-Wah and Tremolo, to tone manipulators like Preamp, Compression, and Rocktron’s own Hush (noise reduction) functions and you’ll have everything you need to create your own signature sound. The Rocktron Utopia pedal even has a Speaker Exciter for recording live sound. The B200 gives you 3 instant recall buttons and offers tap delay note quantization from 1/16 to whole, and has a easy-to-read. The 2-line cool blue LCD display and glow-in-the dark markings on the pedal board make it easy to use in low-light performance situations. The guitar effects pedal has tons of I/O, including MIDI in and out/thru, an aux jack, stereo headphone out, USB, 1/4″ mono bass input, and 1/4″ left/right output jacks. The chassis is rugged and designed for the abuse of hard rocking situations.$449.00

Rocktron Utopia B100 Multi Effects Bass Pedal

Featuring 128 sounds divided into 64 factory and 64 user programmable presets, the compact Utopia B100 pedal has a wide variety of effects, including wah, phaser, compressor, chorus, and flanger. 4 channels of tone: Clean, Dist1, Dist2, and Dist3. Other features include Rocktron’s Hush noise reduction, tube emulation, and a “speaker exciter.” While it’s not a perfect world, this floor processor may allow bass players a regular visit to paradise on stage or in the studio.$269.00

Rocktron Blue Thunder Bass Preamp with Multi-Effects

There’s a storm on the horizon and it’s called Blue Thunder. This Rocktron Bass Preamp with Multi-Effects is a live and studio tool that’s been specifically designed and voiced for bass. The preamp has 128 pro presets designed for bass. A selectable hi-pass effects filter allows you to determine the frequency range being passed through the digital effects, delivering lush effects that won’t muddy up your low end. Custom voiced bass effects including flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay, and reverb. Rocktron’s dynamic compression is included and has also been specifically engineered for bass. If that’s not enough, Rocktron’s multi-voiced delay and chorus are specifically voiced for bass use in live and recording situations.Want some distortion? The Blue Thunder rolls out built-in distortion designed specifically for bass which can be added to your dry bass signal and effect path independently as desired.Rocktron’s unique signal routing allows you to choose between an analog direct feed, or full effects routing. The Blue Thunder has a most powerful and flexible tone shaping tool with Rocktron’s SIMbiotic 4-band parametric EQ consisting of 2 sections of band-limited parametric EQ and bass and presence along with 2 sections of full bass. Parametric mid and treble EQ sections. A Speaker Exciter with Sonic Clarity and Sonic Boom controls allows you to record direct, while……….CLICK for more info. $449.00

Rocktron Utopia B-300 Bass Floor Multi Effects Bass Pedal Black

Rocktron’s Utopia B300 Professional Bass System lays an arsenal of fabulous tone and effects processing right at your feet. The B300 floor pedal is packed with 128 fully programmable presets to transform your favorite bass amplifier into a multi-faceted rock and roll factory of sound. It comes with a plethora of popular effects like Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Pitch Shift, Flanger, Phaser, Wah-Wah and Tremolo, with the option to assign a factory preset or a user-created one to 10 buttons. A Global function allows setting parameters that affect all presets. A Mixer function lets you tweak volume, output, pan, delay, reverb, and overall effects levels. The Preamp function not only gives you four preamp types – Deep, Norm, Brite, Distorted – as well as other sound-shaping choices like standard 3-band EQ options, gain, presence, symmetry, polarity, and more. The Rocktron Utopia pedal also has a HUSH function which is a single-ended noise reduction system, and a Speaker Exciter function that provides a realistic approximation of a miked speaker cab when you are connecting the Utopia B300 directly to a mixing board, recording system, or other full-range system. You also get a compressor function, effects loop, and seven tap quantizing choices. As far as I/O, you get MIDI in and out/thru, an aux jack, stereo headphone out, USB, 1/4″ mono bass input, and 1/4″ left/right output jacks. All in all, it’s pretty safe to say the B300 multi-effects pedal gives you a lot to work with. $529.00

DeltaLab DBFX1 Multi Effects Bass Pedal

With its high-bit resolution, the Deltalab DBFX1  Multi Effects Bass Pedal brings unprecedented performance and tonal control to stage and studio. Each effect and bass amp model has up to 4 fully programmable parameters to pursue new tones and effects outside of conventional presets for you to find your unique voice.Simultaneously use up to 11 effects—great for creating wildly expressive sounds as well as ripping through the mix. And with a sleek sturdy package combined with a high-grip rubberized expression pedal, you’ll be enjoying the Deltalab DBFX1 bass pedal’s sounds for years to come.The DeltaLab DBFX1 bass multi effects bass pedal combines the tonal vibe of boutique effects with the outstanding value you’ve been searching for. The result is an amazing level of depth and variety available to enhance your sound. With features ranging from expanded parameter controls to true bypass switching, DeltaLab effects shape your sound like never before. So whether you’re capturing your favorite player’s tone or discovering your own, the DeltaLab DBFX1 bass pedal sculpts your sound in ways you’ve only dreamed of. $99.99

Behringer Bass V-AMP Modeling Preamp

The Behringer Bass V-AMP Modeling Preamp lets you choose from 32 classic amps, 23 legendary speaker cabinets, and 16 killer effects models. Store your own presets in 125 memory locations. Full MIDI connectivity, plus it has Behringer’s exclusive auto wah and rotary effects. Contains presets by such bass notables as Alphonso Johnson, Ken Taylor, and Hellmut Hattler.Other features include stereo headphone output with adjustable volume, super-precise and adjustable autochromatic tuner, presence and sweepable shift/shape control, studio-quality noise reduction, and sweepable 24dB Butterworth frequency crossover. The Behringer V-AMP will become your best friend in the studio and at the gig. $99.99

Boss ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects with COSM

The BOSS ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects with COSM puts world-class bass effects in a rugged floor unit with easy pedal-style control. Effects are divided into 6 sections (Compressor/Limiter, Master EQ, Filter/Tone, Drive/Synth, Delay/Modulation, and Expression Pedal), giving bassists a range of unique and powerful tones including new effects like Sound Hold, Octave Up, and Kick Drum—all with easy knob-based control. $299.00

Multi Effects Bass Pedals

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Multi Effects Bass, Bass Multi Effects Pedals, Bass Effects

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Multi Effects Bass, Bass Multi Effects Pedals, Bass Effects

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