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Fuzz Bass Effects Pedals


Fender Sublime Bass Fuzz Pedal

The Fender Sub-Lime fuzz Bass pedal gives you classic Fender fuzz tones ranging from the barest touch of evil to an utterly seismic roar. Best of all, you can tailor your tone by setting the crossover frequency wherever you want the fuzz to happen low-frequency fuzz, high-frequency fuzz and anything in between, all without sacrificing all-important low-end muscle and fundamental bass tone.Dressed in sublime lime green, the big, heavy-duty cast design evokes Fender’s great old pedals of the ’70s and boasts an enormous control dial that fluoresces entrancingly from green to red as you adjust the fuzz level from left (slightest hint) to right (DEFCON 1).Simple volume and drive controls let you easily dial in the loudness and range of fuzz tones. Runs on 9-volt battery or DC power.Controls •Rate: This knob controls the rate at which the phase shifting occurs…….CLICK for more info. $129.99

Snarling Dogs Bootzilla Bootsy Collins Signature Bass Wah with Fuzz Pedal

Get your funk on with this fuzz bass circuit enhanced bass wah/filter pedal. With low, mid, and high settings, you can lay down truly funkified grooves. This pedal maintains your bass’s low end yet still gives you wah and filtering effects even on your low “B” string. Use the adjustable preamp to boost your signal or give you some extra drive. $119.99

Chunk Systems Brown Dog Gated Fuzz Bass Pedal

The Brown Dog Bass Fuzz Pedal enables you to produce rampaging waves of meat with your bass guitar while still keeping your basslines tight and letting the character of your instrument’s tone shine through. With two fuzz modes (hard and soft), a mixing stage and a unique gating circuit the Brown Dog is a gated stompbox that gives you a wide range of fuzzy and synthy bass tones.Based on the highly acclaimed FZ002 gated bass fuzz, Chunk Systems Brown Dog adds soft mode and features easier to use mixer controls. With true bypass and only the best quality analogue electronics, the Brown Dog is perfect for all you clean sound freaks. Use the special envelope connector in conjunction with the Agent 00Funk Mark II for synth bass that will really freak you out!In addition to the high-quality metal bypass switch, the Brown Dog has four knobs and a switch: The dirty level controls the volume of the signal coming from the Brown Dog’s fuzz circuit in the output mix. To make the fuzz louder, turn it up. To make the fuzz quieter, turn it down. The clean level controls the volume of the original input signal in the output mix. The Brown Dog mixes the……CLICK for more info. $262.50

Devi Ever Ruiner Fuzz Bass Effects Pedal

The Devi Ever Ruiner fuzz pedal is pure, nasty fuzz, with bold out-front presence, and cutting articulation. Two dark boosts in one pedal providing total tonal nastiness. The effect pedal sounds great with bass or guitar. It includes volume and intensity dials, and a footswitch to engage the effect. Housed in a rugged metal casing, the Devi Ever Ruiner fuzz bass pedal will last for years and years to come. It’s a gigging musician’s dream.$97.5

MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz Pedal

For a Demo of this great pedal, see Video below.

The MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz Pedal offers you Volume, Tone, and Fuzz controls to sculpt your tone with precision. You get everything you need-from searing, sustained upper-register chords to punchy, growling low B’s-without sacrificing low end or clarity. MXR took a classic 70′s fuzz circuit, re-tuned it for more low end, and added a DEEP switch that delivers up to +15dB of monstrous bass that is internally adjustable between 87Hz – 113Hz. The El Grande comes in a lightweight yet durable aluminum case equipped with the same high-quality jacks and switches that have made MXR pedals a road-ready standard on pedalboards around the world for over 30 years. $99.99


Fuzz Bass Effects Pedals

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Fuzz Bass - Bass Fuzz - Fuzz Bass Effects Pedals

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Fuzz Bass - Bass Fuzz - Fuzz Bass Effects Pedals

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