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Compressor Bass Effects Pedals

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DigiTech XBS Bass Squeeze Compressor Pedal

dbx and DigiTech join forces to bring you one seriously heavy compressior bass effects pedal. Award-winning dbx OverEasy compression technology squeezes the best out of your bass with the XBS Bass Compressior Bass Pedal. Great for controlling dynamics in the studio or rolling out a lush carpet of tight tone. $69.95

T-Rex Squeezer Tube-Driven Bass Compressor Pedal

The T-Rex Squeezer is a tube-driven compressor bass specially designed for bass players. It smoothes out your bass lines and keeps you right where you want to be in the mix-while enhancing your sound with rich tube warmth. And it naturally gives you complete control of all essential parameters, letting you craft a compression that’s all your own.Bass players tend to get buried in the mix-and it’s not just because guitarists are always turning up the volume! Electric bass guitars have a low frequency range, which makes it difficult for the human ear to distinguish in the first place. And the techniques bass players use-from atmospheric open-string drones to popping and slapping-cover a wider dynamic range than almost any other instrument in your band. Squeezer evens your dynamics out, making your lines come through at the right level, no matter how you’re playing.Compressors can be complicated, but Squeezer keeps things simple-giving you full control over compression ratio, threshold, attack, release, gain and overall level in a neat, logical design. This makes Squeezer great for use on stage, where you don’t have time for fiddling with too many knobs. But don’t be fooled by this pedal’s simple design. It’s a full-featured precision instrument that can be fine-tuned for a perfect sound in the studio as well as live on stage. $219.00

AMT Electronics Slap Bass Compressor Bass Effect Pedal

The Slap Bass Compressor Pedal is a specialized effect designed for bassists who use funk and slap techniques. It instantly provides the compression, depth, and snappy attack this playing style requires. It can be used by non-slap players for distortion with its adjustable drive level. It’s also an amazing tool for guitar players, allowing them to plug directly into their recorder and lay down a quick bass track. Built-in cabinet emulation circuitry ensures that it sounds equally good whether run through an amp or used for direct recording.$119.95

Aguilar TLC Compressor Bass Effects Pedal

The Aguilar TLC compressor bass is designed to give musicians the ability to control their dynamics in a flexible and musical way, making this bass effect pedal an invaluable musical tool for both recording and live use. Aguilar’s proprietary Trans Linear Control (TLC) circuit achieves unprecedented levels of performance in a small bass effect package. The Aguilar TLC compressorbass pedal features a four-knob layout to provide a full set of important features. Using a wide range of attack times and variable threshold and slope levels, you’ll be able to dial in just the right sound. $199.00

Electro-Harmonix XO Bass Metaphors Compressor Bass Effects Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Bass Metaphors Compressor bass Pedal has a distortion design that melds carefully selected compression with bass-specific EQ. You get tonality structure for your bass with a rock solid foundation. The Bass Metaphors pedal’s channel strip design makes for easy setup and deadly tone. 1/4″ and XLR inputs and outputs let you go to your amp and directly to the board for recording. The dry knob lets you control how much dry signal is present at output. The compressor adds sustain and smoothes out the signal from your bass.$123.00

Compressor Bass Effects Pedals

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Bass Compressor - Compressor Bass Pedals - Compressor Bass

Compressor Bass Effects PedalsMany savings on the Recommended Prices. Click any Pedal to see the latest online deals.Lowest online prices  Guaranteed





Bass Compressor - Compressor Bass Pedals - Compressor Bass

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