Chorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

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Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

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Chorus BassChorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

Carl Martin Bass Chorus Pedal

Almost all chorus pedals are made for guitar and their effect is very weak on the low frequencies produced by the bass. This pedal is made for bass, with the full, intact chorus bass effect going all the way to low B on a 5-string. It has true stereo operation; 2 switchable, independent chorus channels with indicator LEDs; an integrated, regulated 12V power supply; plus On and Select footswitches. $322.00

DigiTech XBC Bass Multi Chorus PedalChorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

DigiTech XBC Bass Multi Chorus Pedal

The DigiTech XBC Multi Chorus Bass Pedal is designed especially for bass. The XBC Bass Chorus Pedal lets you morph up to 16 bass chorus voices at once for an endless palette of amazingly rich effects. Built-in voice randomization increases with more voices for an even denser wash of killer chorus. DigiTech includes a 9V battery with the XBC Bass Multi Chorus Pedal. $53.99

Chorus BassChorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

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This dedicated Boss Chorus design ensures that your sound retains all the power and clarity of the original bass sound. low filter lets lowest frequencies through unaffected. The Boss CEB-3 Chorus Bass has controls for level, low filter, rate, and depth. LEDs show status of controls at a glance. $89.00
Markbass CHORUS FLANGER Bass PedalChorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

Markbass CHORUS FLANGER Bass Pedal

The Markbass Stereo Chorus Flanger pedal offers lush chorusing and psychedelic flanging, modifiable in real time with the speed and width controls. The mix control allows you to carefully blend your dry and effected sounds. The display is easy to read and always identifies what effect is being applied. The preset parameters can be modified using the supplied Markbass software, and downloaded back to the pedal from your computer via the USB connection. Like all Markbass pedals, this unit features true bypass, which means that when the effect is ‘off’, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality. The Markbass Pedal Controller software, is available for download from the pedal’s product page on the Markbass website. Simply install the software, connect the pedal to your computer using a USB cable, modify the presets as desired, and then load them back onto the pedal. This pedal is not only designed for bass. Thanks to its state-of-the-art component quality and user-friendly software interface, it can be used with any acoustic or electric instruments, in either live or studio applications. To customize the Chorus Flanger pedal, simply download and install the software on your Mac or PC computer, and connect your pedal to the computer using……….CLICK for more info. $279.00

T-Rex Sweeper Bass Chorus Guitar Effects PedalChorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

T-Rex Sweeper Chorus Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

The Sweeper Bass Chorus Pedal from T-Rex Engineering is a stunning bass guitar pedal that revives the chorus effect. Use The Sweeper as a new tool to deliver classic bottom end if you’re a bassist working in any style of music. The Sweeper isn’t especially complicated or packed with all sorts of extra features; it’s just a simple, intuitively designed bass pedal that does just one job—producing an exquisite chorus bass effect for the bass. The Sweeper turns your bass into a vibrant, colorful instrument that will define the very sonic texture of whatever style you play.The secret to The Sweeper chorus pedal is its tone. Designed exclusively for the bass, this T-Rex pedal gives you a gorgeous chorus effect no matter what depth or rate you set. There’s not a frequency wasted on tone that might work for a guitar—but not for the bottom you have to deliver. Plug The T-Rex Sweeper bass chrous pedal in and it’ll quickly become the one pedal you can’t play without. $99.00
EBS UniChorus Analog Signal Processing PedalChorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

EBS UniChorus Analog Signal Processing Pedal

The EBS UniChorus is a bass effect pedal that lets you switch between low-noise, studio-quality chorus, flanger, and pitch modulation effects. Premium analog circuitry gives the UniChorus a smoother, warmer, and fatter chorus/flanger effect perfect for bass. It has Depth and Rate controls plus stereo output.EBS bass effect pedals are designed to preserve the entire frequency range of your bass signal, use noiseless FET switching, are suitable both for studio and live use, feature robust construction, and are easy to use. $199.00


Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

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Chorus Bass - Bass Chorus - Chorus Bass Effects Pedals

Chorus Bass Effects PedalsMany huge savings on these Recommended Prices. Click any Pedal to see the latest online deals.Lowest online prices Guaranteed





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