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Overview – Bass Guitar Effects Pedals

The effects that are described for each Effects Pedal are the same for both Electric and Bass Guitars. However, for the Bass Guitar, the effect is often modified to suit the lower frequency range of the instrument.

Bass Compressor/Limiter Pedal

Bass Guitar Effects PedalsThis is probably the most common pedal used by Bass players. In practical terms it means that with a Compressor, the player can perform a wide range of styles from a soft rhythmic style, to a greater dynamic technique such as ‘slap’, while maintaining a constant output – or volume – from the Amplifier. This has the effect of enabling the audience to hear softer rhythmic passages in the song while not drowning out the other musicians during your ‘funky’ moments. However, if not set up correctly, the compressor can produce a rather bland performance.

Overdrive and Distortion Pedals

These Bass Guitar Effects Pedals amplify the guitar signal to the point where the sound produced is anything between a warm rich ‘clipped’ sound to an aggressive or gritty sound used in Rock/Metal. The number of controls, and hence the available tone variations, vary from pedal to pedal from just a few simple pots and a footswitch, to more complex versions incorporating Tone Shaping facilities. Often, the mid to high frequencies are boosted to allow the Bass to be heard through the overall mix.

Octave Pedal

The Octaver creates a note, that is one full octave below the pitch of the original note played. This adds a new dimension to your playing. Many units also recognize two or three note chords. As the divided notes are produced live, the pedal needs to have a fast response or tracking capability to copy with rapid playing.

Bass Wah Wah Pedal

This pedal produces an effect, which sounds similar to a human voice saying ‘wah’. The effect is produced by a foot pedal in the form of a rocking treadle, and is great for enhancing your rhythmic playing. Bass Wah pedals optimize the frequency of the sweep to work better with the lower range of the Bass, producing ranges from bright and punchy to warm and subtle.

Bass Multi-effects Pedals

Bass Guitar Effects PedalsObviously it is possible to buy a multi-effects pedals which incorporated all of the above. It is sometimes thought that having all effects in one box can lead to a reduction in quality of each effect. Which system to use – all in one or various pedals linked together – is really down to the player. If you have one or two favorite pedals, it’s probably best to stick to multiple pedals. However, it is also nice not to have all those unreliable cable connections in a multi pedal setup – plus it is tidy, reliable and easy to physically setup live.

Bass Guitar Effects Pedals

Bass Guitar Effects Pedals

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